• The presentation must have a duration of 5 (five) minutes
  • The presentation template can be accessed HERE!
  • Slides must be prepared in English, Spanish or English


  • Video recording must be in Portuguese, Spanish or English
  • Recordings will be available throughout the event

Guide to Recording the Poster Presentation


  • The presentation of the Poster in PDF and the video must be sent at the link:
  • Only the presenting author should submit the presentation in the event system
  • In the submission form of the poster presentation video, the author-presenter of the work must inform: The full name of the presenter-author, e-mail address of the presenter-author, title of the work, names of the author (s) ) of the works, link to the presentation video (Youtube link) and presentation of the poster in PDF.
  • The deadline for submission is 30-November-2020

Tutorial for uploading the video to YouTub



  • The oral presentation must last 15 (ten) minutes. The questions will be asked via Chat, so the presenters must remain in the room for at least half an hour to answer the questions.
  • The time stipulated for each work must be strictly observed, both for the beginning and the end of each presentation.
  • The presentation template can be accessed HERE!
  • The slides must be prepared in Portuguese, Spanish or English
  • The presenter-author will receive, in the future, the link that must be accessed with login and password to make the presentation in the Oral Sessions room.
  • On the day and time defined for the oral presentation, the author-presenter must access the event’s transmission environment and click on the button “Participate in Room 2“. Upon access, the presenter will be directed directly to the videoconference environment.
  • We suggest accessing the transmission environment at least 5 minutes in advance, so that, in case of any difficulty of access, you can remedy with tranquility, not being late for the activity.
  • At the time of your presentation audio and video resources will be used, it is advisable to be in a well-lit and noise-free environment.
  • If there is an absence of a presenter in the online session, it is not allowed to anticipate the time in order to avoid prejudice to the participants.