The INOVAGRI Institute has great experience in holding events on irrigated agriculture. Since the 1st International Workshop on Technological Innovations in Irrigation – WINOTEC in 2007, through the CRHIAM-INOVAGRI International Meeting in 2016 in Chile. Also, the last Brazil-Spain Seminar on Irrigated Agriculture and V Inovagri International Meeting, 1st LATIN AMERICAN SALINITY SYMPOSIUM and the XXVIII National Congress of Irrigation and Drainage (CONIRD) in Fortaleza in 2019, we have already had lecturing at Institute events, more than 300 speakers, being 177 different national speakers and 128 international speakers.

Since April 2020, the INOVAGRI Institute has been presenting online seminars (livestreaming) on irrigated agriculture on the Inovagri YouTube channel ( More than 25 webinars have been broadcasted (livestreams) so far.


Update Program in Irrigated Agriculture – PAII: The proposal is that researchers, professors and other interested parties may stay up to date on what is being done in Brazil and in the world, for irrigated agriculture. New technologies, new research, the experience of a region of a certain country, ongoing projects in the world, research centers, Universities, etc.

The objective is to disseminate technology and promote technological and cultural exchange to contribute to the technological improvement of irrigated agriculture professionals.

Official Release: Coming soon!