– Initially, papers will be received in the EXPANDED ABSTRACT format (3 to 4 pages);

– To send the abstract, the author must make his PRE-REGISTRATION, acquiring the login and password to access the online submission system;

– The submission of abstracts must be online, after logging in, clicking on the WORK tab;

– The official language is Portuguese, however we encourage authors to submit and present works written in English. These will have preference in the publications of specialized magazines, as the Evaluation Committee will be formed by a good part of the foreign speakers;

– Each abstract can contain a maximum of 6 authors. The order of the authors in the article (FINAL VERSION) must be the same as the order of the authors in the abstract;

– Up to THREE abstracts can be registered by the first author, with no limit for participation as a co-author;

– The person responsible for sending the abstract must mark the PRESENTER;

– The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the INOVAGRI Virtual Meeting and after evaluation by the Committee, the Acceptance Letter referring to the abstract will be sent to the e-mail registered at the time of registration;

– Abstracts sent to this event must not be submitted to another body for publication, nor have they been previously published;

– The Acceptance Letter will be identified by the Protocol Number and will inform if the abstract was approved or not to be published in the event proceedings.


– After receiving the ACCEPT of the abstract, the full article (6 to 10 pages) must be uploaded into the system.

– The author must download and follow the NORMS (available below) to submit the full article;

– All corrections suggested by the Scientific Committee must be accepted;

– Authors’ names must be written in full, that is, without abbreviations;

– The order of authors in the full article must remain the same as in the abstract sent previously, as well as in the system;

– The PRESENTER must be the author or co-author of the article and must be checked during the submission of the full article. A presenter can only submit a maximum of 3 articles. It is allowed to change the presenter and for that, an email must be sent to requesting the change, until the deadline for payment of the presenter (11/26/2021);

– The best works will be published in the partner magazines;

– Articles will be selected and presented in oral and poster mode (PowerPoint).