Course of Hydraulic Transients Applied to Irrigation Projects


Marco Aurélio Holanda de Castro, PhD: Full Professor at the Federal University of Ceará, Civil Engineer at the University of Brasília (1986) M.Sc. in Water Resources at the University of New Hampshire, USA, (1990), Ph.D. in Engineering by Drexel University, Philadelphia – USA (1994).

Objective: The main objective of this course is to train engineers, students of Engineering and Agronomy and designers who work on the elaboration of Iriigation projects, Water Pipelines and Repression Lines of Sanitary Sewer Pumping Stations to analyze and simulate computationally the Ariete Strike phenomenon and also dimension protection devices (Suction Cups, Relief Valves, Hydropneumatic Reservoirs, Equilibrium Chimneys and TAU’s). Although the basic equations that govern transient phenomena have been known for a long time, it was only with the emergence and popularization of the use of digital computers that these phenomena could be studied and simulated with precision, without the need for simplifications, often gross and unreal. . Currently the computational simulation of the Ariete Blow is an indispensable tool for projects in the sanitation area. UFC2, UFC5 and UFC7


– Each participant must have their own laptop (64 bits)

– Only one version of AutoCAD, in English, 2016 or higher must be installed on each Laptop.

 (Does not run on any version of AutoCAD in Portuguese or on 32-bit computers)


1. Introduction and Theoretical Basis: Fundamental Equations: Conservation of mass and amount of movement. Definition of Celerity. Characteristics Method. Exercises.

2. Water hammer relief mechanisms: Double and triple function suction cups, relief valves, hydropneumatic reservoirs and Chimney Balances and TAU’s. Exercises.

3. UFC2 software: Types Pumping systems: Dry well, submersible pumps and submersible pumps. Pipeline layout and / or sewage settlement lines in AutoCAD. Computer simulation of the pipeline in EPANET. Determination of the Diameter using the Bresse formula. Shape of the files with the curves of the pumps. UFC2 / UFC5 interface. Exercises.

4. Design of Irrigation Networks

5. UFC5 software: Selection of hydraulic pump (s). Trace of the piezometric line. Creation of the input file to simulate the Ariete Blow through UFC7. Exercises.

6. UFC7 software: Format of the adductor and material input files. Computer simulation of the water hammer in water mains and sewage discharge lines resulting from an abrupt interruption in the supply of electricity. Viewing results in profile and through tables.

7. Application in Irrigation Systems: Example of application of UFC System modules in a real sectorized irrigation project.

Target Audience:

Engineering and Agronomy professors and students, Engineers from Irrigation and Sanitation companies who prepare Irrigation projects, Water Pipelines and Pressure lines from Sanitary Sewer Pumping Stations, as well as scholars or researchers interested in the subject / field of work.


Class: November 16 and 17, 2020 – LAST VACANCIES

Hours: 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00

Location: Hotel Rapport, Juazeiro-BA

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