Article 12 requires Member States to enable the confiscation of instrumentalities and proceeds of crime following a final conviction and to enable the confiscation of property of equivalent value to the proceeds of crime (“standard and value confiscation” as provided for under existing EU rules). A renewed effort across the Union against the financial means of criminal organisations is therefore crucial for the effective recovery of instrumentalities and proceeds of crime. The proposed Directive will facilitate cross-border cooperation and contribute to a more effective fight against organised crime. A list of company assets can usually be found on the balance sheet. The assets may be categorized by type, such as plants, property, and equipment (PP&E), long-term investments, intangible assets, and so on. An asset is anything that has current or future economic value to a business.


If, however, they are required for monitoring procedures that are ongoing, they shall be erased once the monitoring procedures no longer require the logs. The object of a freezing or confiscation order in the course of criminal proceedings.

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Freezing measures should be without prejudice to the possibility for a specific property to be considered evidence throughout the proceedings, provided that it would ultimately be made available for effective execution of the confiscation order. In the context of criminal proceedings, property may also be frozen with a view to its possible subsequent restitution or in order to safeguard compensation for the damage caused by a criminal offence. Or efficient management contribute to improving the possibilities for asset recovery across borders. Given the global nature of in particular organised crime, cooperation with third countries should also be strengthened.

The crime of organised or armed robbery is one of the most common forms to generate profits for organised criminal groups, and it is often committed in conjunction with other crimes, in particular the trafficking in firearms. Similarly, the trafficking in stolen vehicles cannot only generate profits but also represents an enabling crime to provide for the necessary instrumentalities to carry out further offences. Most provisions under this section are new, aiming at ensuring that the overall asset recovery and confiscation process is more effective. Article 22 aims to ensure that affected persons are informed of the freezing and confiscation measures adopted including the reasons for their adoption. Article 21 requires Member States to establish at least one asset management office, and sets out the tasks for asset management offices in a more precise manner compared to the relevant provisions in the Confiscation Directive. Determining which assets are operating assets and which assets are non-operating assets is important to understanding the contribution of revenue from each asset, as well as in determining what percentage of a company’s revenues comes from its core business activities.

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Member States shall provide for the possibility that such an appeal has suspensory effect. In the case of confiscation orders pursuant to Articles 14 and 16, such circumstances shall include specific facts and available evidence on the basis of which the property concerned is considered to be property that is derived from criminal conduct. Member States shall ensure that the persons affected by the measures provided for under this Directive have the right to defence, to an effective remedy, and to a fair trial in order to uphold their rights. Member States shall ensure that the freezing orders pursuant to Article 11, confiscation orders pursuant to Articles 12 to 16, and orders to sell the property pursuant to Article 20 are communicated to the affected person setting out the reasons for the measure. For the purposes of this Article, the notion of ‘criminal offence’ shall include offences referred to in Article 2 when punishable by deprivation of liberty of a maximum of at least four years. For the purposes of this Article, the notion of ‘criminal offence’ shall include offences listed in Article 2 when punishable by deprivation of liberty of a maximum of at least four years.

Provisions on cooperation are new and reflect the aim to provide for a comprehensive legal framework covering all relevant aspects of asset recovery. Article 23 sets out more specific requirements ensuring that effective legal remedies against measures taken on the basis of the provisions of this Directive are available. As such, the provisions in Chapter V shall apply to the criminal offences under the scope of Article 2, 2, 2 and 2 of this Directive. Article 13 requires Member States to enable the confiscation of properties transferred by the accused or suspected person to a third party for the purpose of avoiding confiscation (“third party confiscation” as provided for under the Confiscation Directive). Such confiscation is only justified where the third party knew or ought to have known that the transfer of the property was made for that purpose. The provisions set out circumstances that are relevant in making this assessment.

The company’s board could dispose of assets once they decide to sell the company. Prepaid expenses – these are expenses paid in cash and recorded as assets before they are used or consumed .

  • Member States may require the costs for the management of frozen property to be charged to the beneficial owner.
  • Assets are resources a business either owns or controls that are expected to result in future economic value.
  • ] at the latest, the Commission shall set up an online register listing all competent authorities and the designated contact point for each competent authority.
  • That is, t gives the size of the aggregate liquidity shock in period t; higher realizations of t correspond to higher demand for liquid assets.
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In line with the “evaluate first” principle, the evaluation assessed whether the originally envisaged results were achieved and identified the areas where a further improvement or update of existing legal instruments was needed. To adopt measures to enable their competent authorities to freeze and confiscate proceeds and instrumentalities of crime. Non-operating assets are not necessary for funding business operations but have other peripheral value.

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Assets are classified by how quickly they can be converted to cash, whether they are tangible or intangible, and how a business uses them. Assets are a key component of a company’s net worth and an important factor in its overall financial health.

Measures concerning freezing and confiscation are covered by Article 83 TFEU, which allows the establishment of minimum rules concerning the definition of sanctions in the areas of particularly serious crime with a cross-border dimension for the crimes listed in this article. The scope of these measures is extended to offences carried out within the framework of criminal organisations, organised crime being a “eurocrime” within the meaning of Article 83 TFEU.

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The provision further specifies the scope of this general obligation , requiring interlocutory sales to be undertaken in certain circumstances to avoid the loss of value of property, or that management costs become disproportionate. This requirement is subject to a number of safeguards to protect the legitimate interests of the affected person. These safeguards include, in addition to the general safeguards, the right to be heard before the interlocutory sale decision is taken. These rules apply to property identified in the context of the implementation of Union restrictive measures to the extent that they have been frozen in relation to criminal charges, such as violation of Union restrictive measures. In addition, Article 20 includes the possibility to charge the costs for the management of frozen assets to the beneficial owner.

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Member States are free to define the confiscation of property of equivalent value as subsidiary or alternative to direct confiscation, as appropriate in accordance with national law. Article 29 aims at ensuring cooperation between asset recovery offices as well as asset management offices and their counterparts in third countries. Cooperation between asset recovery offices extends to situations where necessary to prevent, detect or investigate offences related to the violation of Union restrictive measures. As regards Option 3, it was found that the measures concerning asset tracing and identification, and those to ensure the adoption of effective asset management mechanisms and confiscation models would improve the effectiveness of the asset recovery system to a significant extent. Despite the costs, these measures have been considered as efficient given the qualitative leap in the confiscation rate, and proportionate in relation to the administrative burden and interference with Member States’ organisational set-ups.

  • For the purposes of this Article, the notion of ‘criminal offence’ shall include offences referred to in Article 2 when punishable by deprivation of liberty of a maximum of at least four years.
  • In determining whether the property in question is derived from criminal conduct, account shall be taken of all the circumstances of the case, including the specific facts and available evidence, such as that the value of the property is disproportionate to the lawful income of the convicted person.
  • To cooperate with other competent authorities responsible for the management of frozen and confiscated property in cross-border cases.
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  • Article 7 provides specific safeguards in relation to access to information.

Furthermore, more concrete conditions concerning urgent freezing orders and information exchange between asset recovery offices would be set out. The study was carried out by an external consultant between March 2021 and December 2021.

To accomplish that, use the ios_platform_images plugin available on To load an image from a package dependency, the package argument must be provided to AssetImage. If the width and height of the rendered image are not specified on the Image widget, the nominal resolution is used to scale the asset so that it occupies the same amount of screen space as the main asset would have, just with a higher resolution.

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You can uncomment it or use otherdrawables to achieve the intended effect. Flutter assets are readily available to platform code using the AssetManager on Android and NSBundle on iOS. Then both graphics/background.png and graphics/dark/background.pngare included in your asset bundle. The former is considered themain asset, while the latter is considered a variant. If you are working with a large number of assets that you want to publish as separate bundles, you might find it useful to separate some of those groups of assets out into separate projects, so that members of your team don’t need to load a single huge project to work on those bundles. When working with assets in Unity there are different strategies you can use.

David has helped thousands of clients improve their accounting and financial systems, create budgets, and minimize their taxes. Flutter also uses native platform mechanisms to draw transitional launch screens to your Flutter app while the Flutter framework loads. This launch screen persists until Flutter renders the first frame of your application. When implementing Flutter byadding it to an existing iOS app, you might have images hosted in iOS that you want to use in Flutter.


In terms of fundamental rights, the impacts of Option 3 and in particular of the new confiscation model were found to be balanced against safeguards and the policy objective sought, given the scale of the problem. Enable the swift tracing and identification of property owned or controlled by persons or entities subject to such measures, including through cooperation with third countries, with a view to detect, prevent and investigate criminal offences related to the violation of Union restrictive measures. In this context, proceedings in criminal matters is an autonomous concept of Union law interpreted by the Court of Justice of the European Union, notwithstanding the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. The term covers all types of freezing and confiscation orders issued following proceedings in relation to a criminal offence. It also covers other types of orders issued without a final conviction. Proceedings in criminal matters could also encompass criminal investigations by the police and other law enforcement authorities. As such, the provisions aim at the tracing and identification of property in criminal matters as well as at facilitating the implementation of Union restrictive measures where necessary to prevent, detect or investigate criminal offences related to the violation of such measures.

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The validity of such temporary urgent freezing measures shall not exceed seven days. Once property is identified asset recovery offices should have the power to temporarily freeze the property to ensure that property does not disappear. For example, understanding which assets are current assets and which are fixed assets is important in understanding the net working capital of a company. In the scenario of a company in a high-risk industry, understanding which assets are tangible and intangible helps to assess its solvency and risk.

The entry should still be included in the pubspec.yaml manifest, however. The two main methods on an Asset bundle allow you to load a string/text asset (loadString()) or an image/binary asset (load()) out of the bundle, given a logical key. The logical key maps to the path to the asset specified in the pubspec.yaml file at build time. If you keep all your assets in a single project, Unity automatically builds them in the correct format for the current selected platform when you run a build. However, if you split your assets across multiple projects to build your bundles separately, you must make a build for each platform you support. See the Addressables documentation Building for multiple platforms for more information. If you’re using Addressables or Asset Bundles to group your assets into separate downloadable bundles you also need to build those bundle files for distribution.

This Directive is without prejudice to the existing national procedures for keeping legal documents or instruments evidencing title or interest in property, as they are applied by the competent national authorities or public bodies in accordance with national law. The definition should cover all forms of property, including crypto assets. Article 16 introduces a new confiscation possibility where assets are frozen based on suspicion of involvement in organised crime activities and where a confiscation under other provisions of the Directive is not possible. It should allow for the confiscation of assets only where the national court is convinced that the assets in question derive from criminal activities. This finding must be based on a comprehensive assessment of all the circumstances of the case, including if the value of the property is disproportionate to the lawful income of the owner.

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